National Selection Delivered Emails to Players
May 18-21, 2019

Email sent 5/20/19 12:25pm

Thank you for the quick response today moving indoors and playing early at Westwood. I think completing a round of doubles and singles today is a big win for the tournament.
As you know, we couldn't put any matches on later than 11:30 am today. This is due to the Level 10 Severe Weather Threat in the area. Players, parents, and coaches had to be allowed enough time to get to a safe place after the completion of their match. This decision was made in consultation with the national junior competition office.

I have updated Tuesday times for Westwood Tennis Center online. You can refresh your draws and check those times. If it does rain, we are working on an alternative schedule and we do have indoor backup available.

***The Girls and Boys Quarterfinal Playoffs may potentially move to 9 am once we see our situation after Westwood completes this afternoon. If you are in the QF Playoff and your time moves earlier, I will contact you. ***

The tournament staff and USTA is urging you to be at either the Embassy Suites or your hotel absolutely no later than 2 pm. They have emergency procedures in case we run into tornadic activity.

The Westwood Tennis Center pro shop will close at 1:30 pm. If you need to reach someone urgently, contact me at 405-413-7357 (cell).

Email sent 5/19/19 9:08pm

I have updated all the times online on the draws.  Please make sure you REFRESH your app and check your draw for an updated time.

**Note there is one G16D match that got moved to 8:45 am due to 12 hour rule.  That delayed those girls singles as well.**
All matches are scheduled outdoors at Westwood unless we run into rain tomorrow.
Please email me back if you haven't already and let me know you received this!
Emailed 5/19/19 8:45pm
Well one of the best things about running tournaments is that you are never bored!  The University of Oklahoma just officially closed its campus for tomorrow, including all their facilities. This means that we have lost both outdoor and indoor usage at OU tomorrow for our tournament.

I am redoing the times for tomorrow and will be posting them shortly online. I will email again once all the data entry is completed and double checked.
In the meantime, I am asking for your help. If your son/daughter plays tomorrow (doubles and/or singles), please email me that you received this message and know to check their times later tonight. If I do not hear from you, I will be trying to personally call or text you and there are a lot of you.
Summary: NO matches will be played at the University of Oklahoma tomorrow.  Please check times later tonight after my next email.

Email sent 5/19/19 3:25pm

Hi everyone!

What a beautiful day!!!  We have a snow cone truck coming out to Westwood from 3:30-4:30pm and then to OU 5-6pm.  FREE Snow Cones!
Take care,

Email sent 5/17/19 8:20pm

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing from my husband by now so I thought I would change the pace up a bit! Luckily, the forecast seems to be easing up a bit.  I am hopeful we can get some matches played tomorrow.

As David has alluded to, we have been very fortunate to have 4 indoor facilities agree to help us out with indoor backup this tournament.  That puts us in really good shape going into a not so great forecast.
Please keep an eye on the tournament homepage notes for any weather updates. We will post there first, and we will also try to send an email if able to.  You know how crazy weather delays can get.  So the best approach would be to check online first.
In addition, please be prepared to drive to some of the facilities. While the Westwood and University of Oklahoma courts are close, LifeTime and Oak Tree will be a little bit of a hike. But they do have dry, indoor courts and lots of them.
Most importantly, please try to stop and get cash tonight or tomorrow morning in case we go indoors. As mentioned earlier, the cost per match indoors will be $10 per player or $10 per doubles team. This is for every match played indoors.  The cash will be collected and paid to the facility directly by David or I.  Players will not be able to pay their court time to the front desk via credit card, etc.  Change will be limited so exact $10 would be most appreciated.
However, I am always hopeful we can play outdoors. Please know that we will only move matches indoors if we feel we must do it in order to complete all rounds of play for the tournament.  It is not a decision we take lightly.
I hope you had (are having) safe travels to Norman and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Friendly reminder - girls are scheduled at Westwood tomorrow and boys are scheduled at University of Oklahoma.
Have a great evening!
Lisa Minihan

Email sent 5/16/19 1:23pm
Players and Parents:

A few notes....


  • Westwood Tennis Center, 2420 Westport Dr. Norman, OK 73069.  Friday all day ($4 charge), Saturday-Tuesday 7-8am, 5-9pm (no charge)
  • OU Tennis Club, 500 Imhoff Rd, Norman, OK 73019.  Saturday-Sunday 7am-8am
  • Norman North High School (Close to Westwood), 2073 Stubbeman Ave., Norman, OK 73069.  Friday-Tuesday all day
  • Timberdell (OU) Intramural Courts (Close to the OU Tennis Club), 1701 Asp Ave. Norman, OK 73072.  Friday-Tuesday all day.
  • NOTE:  SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Westwood Tennis Center and OU Tennis Club are reserved for players with 8 am matches at those facilities. Courts are first come, first serve. Norman North and OU Intramural Courts will be available throughout the day for all players.
  • NOTE: MONDAY & TUESDAY: Westwood Tennis Center will be reserved for players with 8 am matches at those facilities. Courts are first come, first serve.  Norman North High School and Timberdell OU Intermural Courts will be available throughout the day for all players.

In the event of inclement weather...


  • Westwood Tennis Center (WTC):  If you observe a tornado warning, please proceed to the Embassy Suites located at 2501 Conference Dr., Norman, OK 73069.  This location is 5 minutes north of the Westwood tennis courts.
  • Oklahoma University (OU): If you observe a tornado / severe weather, you hear tornado sirens sound or receive a tornado warning emergency notification from the University, proceed to the indoor facility, 500 Imhoff Rd. Norman, OK 73019 and seek shelter. This building is next to the outdoor courts.  Get to the lowest level away from glass and put as many walls between you and the outside as possible.  Typically, this will be a closet or hall.  Do not seek refuge in an automobile.A tornado warning emergency notification from the University will read similar to the following:  OU Alert: A tornado warning has been issued for Cleveland County.  Move to a safe area.  Stay away from doors and windows. Do not take shelter in cars.  Remain in your safe area until a message is received from the University that the danger has passed.  This “All Clear” message will read similar to the following. OU Alert: The weather danger has passed. You may resume normal activity.
  • Oak Tree (If used):  If you observe a tornado warming, please stay in the Sports Center (Indoor tennis courts) 700 West Country Club Dr., Edmond, OK 73025 and proceed to the hallways between the restrooms.

Email sent 5/15/19 2:35pm
Players and Parents:

I hope you are have a GREAT day!!!
A few important notes:
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In the case of rain, we might move indoors.  If this is the case, as stated in the tournament notes prior to registration opening, players will be charged $10 per match.  We will do everything in our power to play all matches outside, but if we feel that we need to move indoors to complete the tournament by Tuesday, we will make that move.  If we have any rain delays, we will update the tournament home page, so make sure you keep watch.
  • DRAWS: Just a reminder, the singles draw will be released Friday at 10am central time.
  • FRIDAY PRACTICE COURTS: Westwood Tennis Center, 2420 Westport Dr. Norman, OK 73069.  Please contact the clubhouse at 405-366-8859 to book a court.  Just a reminder, the cost is $4 per person for Friday.  During the sanction period of Saturday-Tuesday, there is no charge.
  • DOUBLES: Just a reminder to double check the Competitors list to confirm that you and your partner are paired up.  Deadline is this Friday at noon.
  • REGISTRATION: Registration/Check-in is Friday, May 17 at Westwood Tennis Center from 10am - 7pm. If you are not able to register on Friday, you must have your Medical Release form on file with us.  You can check your draw online after 10:00 am on Friday May 17 and you may pick up your packet/t-shirt at Westwood Tennis Center on Saturday, May 18.  Please note, we are using two sites, so double check your time/day/location and check-in directly at your site indicated on the draw for your first match.
***Please do not reply to this email.  Start a separate email to with any questions you might have..***

Email sent 5/10/19 2:35pm
Players and parents,

We have ordered canvas shirts for you guys (really soft!).  Would you mind sending us your t-shirt size?  We went to place the order today and noticed the online function didn't work when you registered for the tournament.
Would you mind emailing us by the end of today, May 10th, your t-shirt size?  We need the players name and shirt size.

Email sent 5/9/19 9:53am
Parents and Players:

Good morning!
A few notes:
  • The National Junior Competition office wanted us to remind players that while they understand that May is a busy time of year with school and other activities, withdrawals for reasons other than injury, illness, or personal circumstance (ie a family member funeral, parent illness, travel delays) will be issued suspension points. This includes withdrawing during or before the tournament for school, finals, other tournaments, etc.
  • DOUBLES:  Please confirm partner by going to the Competitors list.  If you do not have a partner and would like to be placed in the blind draw, please let me know by email.  If you are wanting your name posted on our web page for players looking for a partner, please email me the contact info you wish to be public.  Here is the link to that page:
  • MEDICAL RELEASE: Don't forget to email us your medical release form.  If we do not have your release on file, we cannot allow you on the court.  Click here for form.

Thank you,
David Minihan

Email sent 4/30/19 1pm
Players and Parents:

Congratulations on being accepted into our Norman National Selection!  This will be our 20th year running this tournament.  We have had some great players that have gone on to be NCAA champions and some that are now on the ATP and WTA tours.  It is an honor and privilege to host this event and look forward to meeting all of you.
Here are a few notes that will help you in preparing for this tournament:
  • COMMUNICATION:  The fastest way to get an answer is by emailing us at My wife and I check our emails frequently throughout the day.
  • DOUBLES:  If both you and your partner registered online for doubles, please go to the Competitors list to confirm.  If you are not on there, both of you will need to email me to confirm the team.
  • FINDING A DOUBLES PARTNER:  We have a feature on our website that has proven to be successful in aiding players in finding a partner.  If you wish to be added to our webpage for players looking for a player, please email us what contact information you would like public and we can post your info to the page.  Click here to view the page.
  • BLIND DRAW:  If you can't find a partner but wish to play doubles, we can place you in a blind draw.  We will draw names out of a hat shortly after noon May 17th.  Note, if there is an odd number, someone will be left out.
  • DOUBLES DEADLINE:  May 17th at noon.
  • MEDICAL RELEASE:  It is a requirement that all players turn in their medical release prior to the start of the tournament.  Please email to us at  Click here to view medical release.
  • PREVIOUS EMAILS:  If you would like to review previous

Thank you,
David Minihan

Courts are DRY and it is beautiful outside! Call and reserve a court!