UTR to be Used in 2018

By David Minihan, USPTA Master Professional

Beginning January 2018, USTA Oklahoma will be using the Universal Tennis Rating system (UTR) for seeding the Challenger and Champs circuits. UTR enables all players to measure their abilities and to discover precise and reliable players’ ratings based on actual match results.

Over the last ten years Universal Tennis has monitored hundreds of thousands of tennis results from professional, collegiate, and national, sectional and district level junior tournaments, as well as high school play. Their research has shown that events with the narrowest range of levels of players produced the highest number of competitive matches, whereas the events with the largest range (greater number of levels) produced the lowest number of competitive matches.

While USTA has been studying rating systems for a number of years, Oklahoma decided to test some of their own tournaments with ratings Some select tournaments were seeded off of ratings while others were simply tested if the higher rated player won the match. 78%-93% of all Oklahoma tournaments tested, the higher rated player won the match. There were also many draws that 100% of the players with the higher rating won the match. In one particular Challenger tournament that used the most recent standings list as the seeding criteria, zero number one seeds won the tournament. However, in 6 out of the 8 draws, the higher rated player won the tournament.

To find your rating or for more information, go to www.universaltennis.com.

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